what we do

The Friends of Natick Senior Center raises funds to support services, programs, and events run by the Natick Council on Aging (COA). Over the years, our fundraising efforts have assisted the COA in piloting new projects and sustaining ongoing ones. We also provide matching monies for grants to begin or expand services and for the purchase of items not covered by the COA’s operating budget. The Friends success is rooted in the dedication and support of our partners, namely our over 400 members, community businesses, and volunteers. The number of partners grows each year, positioning the Friends to provide increasing support to the Council on Aging and seniors of Natick.

who we are

Started in 1977, Friends of Natick Senior Center is a group of active, engaged volunteers who raise funds for the programs, services, and events of the Natick Council on Aging (COA). Our members contributed to the creation of the state-of-the-art Senior Center in 2012, later renamed the Natick Community-Senior Center.

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FNSC 2022 in Review
2022 was a busy year for the Friends! As an organization and as a community, we moved past the height of the pandemic and began to explore what our normal could look like. With the support from the Friends ...

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why donate

The Friends organization works collaboratively with the COA to enrich the lives of Natick seniors. Pre-Covid, over 300 people visited the Center each day to participate in health and wellness programs, access services such as 50+ Job Seekers and caregiver support groups and to receive information about and referrals to human services agencies. Membership fees and donations directly support these

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The Little Gift SHop

The Little Gift Shop is key to the Friends’
fundraising efforts. Proceeds from the Little Gift Shop typically account for over 9% of revenue raised each year. As the Natick Community Senior Center reopens, consider a visit to the Little Gift Shop. If you are looking for the perfect gift, whether it is jewelry, house wares, serving ware, cocktail glasses, greeting cards, or art work, you will find it here. In addition to shopping at the Little Gift Shop,
you can help by donating small household goods and jewelry when downsizing or organizing an estate sale. (Please, no clothing, linens, or books!)

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